Rodrigo De Paul Scouting Report

When people hear about Udinese, they tend to think about veteran Italian striker Antonio Di Natale, developing talented players like Alexis Sanchez and their links to Watford. They regularly finished in the champions league qualifying spots/Europa league spots for a few years and were an Antonio Di Natale penalty miss away from progressing into the… Continue reading Rodrigo De Paul Scouting Report

Predicting Titanic Survivors

Kaggle is a website which hosts machine learning competitions. I recently completed the Titanic competition on Kaggle. The task was to predict who died and who survived on the Titanic, given data on approximately 900 passengers. I did this by using a random forest model to classify the passengers. I managed to correctly classify 74%… Continue reading Predicting Titanic Survivors

Making Data Visualizations

I entered the data visualization competition run by Chance Analytics. We were given a full season’s data from the Chinese Super League and told to visualize it as best as possible. I wanted to write about my visualization and creating data visualizations in general. For my entry, I plotted the locations of low crosses which… Continue reading Making Data Visualizations

Michy Batshuayi: A Statistical Analysis

Chelsea’s first major signing of the transfer window brings strength in a much needed area for the blues, the striker department. Michy Batshuayi, the 22-year old forward from Marseille, was purchased for around £30 million pounds. A promising young striker who scored for Belgium in the Euros this summer, he will be hoping to follow… Continue reading Michy Batshuayi: A Statistical Analysis